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While touring the world, our specialist photographer takes some exceptional photos in rare opportunities. We organise the event photography and model photos. All the photo images are for sale for publications.
Our specialities are in the following fields:
  • Candid Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Narrative Photography
  • Street Photography

We do like to be a landscape & Wild life photographer . Once we started learning more about photography our interest in it grew so rapidly that we began reading everything that we could get our hands on. We quickly realized that this was an art form that would enable us to express our innermost feelings about the world that we are merely just a part of.

We started with really no experience at all in 2007 with a Pentex K100 and since then we have been hooked. So much so that we believe our passion is evident in our photographs which have more recently been published in magazines and even exhibited around the world. We capture images that are literally just moments passing in time and we truly love the subjects that we photograph. If the camera has taught us only one thing about nature, it is that it holds so very much more than is first apparent to the naked eye.

We normally shoot in RAW, so obviously we make some small adjustments in the white balance, shadows and lights, maybe a bit of noise reduction and/or sharpening, but in general we try to show the image as our own eyes saw it at the time of capture. And that clearly means we would not make any major changes with the original photo.

Well, being a photographer is not a get rich concept; it’s more a lifestyle concept. we love traveling and the photography comes very easy for me. It’s really not a job being in the field. The work starts when coming home to the desk.

We just want to travel as much as possible to the last true wilderness areas and capture their essence. We will begin shooting in INDIA soon.

We hope that you enjoy the experience of our photographs as much as we have enjoyed the experience of creating them.

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